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Oct 1, 2011 11:00pm EDT
:00. >>> thanks for staying with us, burglars were hitting houses in broad daylight in takoma park, maryland. now police are trying to stop the trend. fox 5's audrey barnes talked to officers and residents about how they are making sure they are not the next victim. nicole, who asked us not to use her last name knows exactly how thieves broke into her home. >> my daughter was cooking and the house, something burned. the house filled up with smoke, so she opened up the windows and left it cracked. >> a thief got in through that open window, took the family's laptop and fled. similar crimes have been happening all over takoma park. 14 break ins last month. most of the thieves got in through open windows or they broke them to get in. but at least two burglars went in through the front door. >> the kicking in of the doors during the day. they are going in, targeting electronics and things that they can sell. >> that's a good boy. >> councilwoman thinks the family pet makes her home less attractive to thieves. she is also urging her neighbors to look around their homes to see where they are vulne
Oct 30, 2011 11:00pm EDT
right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00 from. s s >>> good to have you with us. i'll will thomas. >>> the man accused of killing a nun in a drunk driving accident last year goes on trial tomorrow in prince william county. the 23-year-old is an illegal immigrant charged in the case faces up to 40 years if he's convicted. fox 5's audrey barnes has a preview of the case. >> 66-year-old sister denise mosher was killed, two other nuns critically hurt at 8:00 on a sunday morning last year when an alleged drunk driver slammed head on into their vehicle. the driver, 23-year-old carlos montano, is now facing felony murder charges and a host of others including driving with a revoked license. if man tan owe's immigration stat -- it's man tan owe's immigration status -- montano's immigration status that has thrust the case into the national spotlight. >> this was preventible because this individual was an illegal immigrant who committed two fryer duis and was identify -- prior duiss and was identified as an illegal immigrant and should have been deport before this tragedy occurred. >> repor
Oct 22, 2011 11:30pm EDT
to the cardinals and he has been used a lot. as he fires a fastball for strike two. mark lowe is still getting loose. presumably he will be in, in the eight eighth. >> joe: that foul tip caught the mask of molina. dotel has been at it for a long time. this is his 12th game, his first world series. a big weapon for cardinals in the nlcs against ryan braun, the number three hitter for the bruschi. brewers. >> tim: lifetime, ryan braun struck out ten times against octavio dotel. i think it's like 18 at-bats. there are not too many guys that can get ryan braun that successfully. but dotel is one of them. what a player ryan braun has turned out to be. >> joe: a 2-2. full count. >> tim: we talked about albert pujols declaring free agencies. well, prince fielder also. it will be interesting to see where the two massive run-producers end up. >> joe: two guys in the n.l. central. here is a 3-2. that in to left. holliday drifts back to make the catch. tagging and scoring is beltre. it's 14-7. second sac fly tonight by napoli. like a football score you might see tomorrow on fox n.f.l. sunday, 14-7. major
Oct 29, 2011 11:00pm EDT
about tonight. thanks for sticking with us, i'm maurine. >> i'm will thomas. an early dose of winter. fox 5 was out in frederick, maryland, tonight with audrey barnes. she starts us off. >> reporter: now that the storm has moved out of the area, the big problem will be refreezing. definitely be on the lookout for black ice. earlier today from germantown to frederick, the big problem was snow. by mid afternoon in germantown, all the grassy areas were snow covered and the snow was piling up on parked cars and houses. the roads were a slushy mess. further west in frederick county, conditions deteriorated and a lot more snow to deal with. not everyone seemed to mind. >> we are used to snow, just a little earlier than most years. not that big of an adjustment. >> it's only october and we have this great snow. it's awesome. >> snow in october is a good thing? >> absolutely. get to go play outside. good stuff. >> these friends took in the university of maryland's football game in college park and decided to take advantage of the weekend snow. >> terps weren't that good today, but we
Oct 2, 2011 11:00pm EDT
is just a couple hours way from closing its doors for good. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simmons. the hawk and dove served its last drinks tonight after 44 years. fox 5's audrey barnes starts off the news edge with a look at who came out to say so long. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: one side of the hawk and doff was filled with packers fans who -- dove was filled with packers fans who have been packing the bar on game day the last 10 years. this will be the graham they watch here. >> packer fans -- last game they watch here. >> packer fans have been coming here 20 years or more. we celebrate good times, bad times, almost like a marriage. >> reporter: on the other side of the bar loyal customers who can't believe the day has come. >> from the regular everyday guy, the busboy to the congressman, senator, movers and shakers, everybody sitting in this place forever. >> reporter: this bar has played host to politicals with the last names of obama, kerry and gingrich, celebs named redford and countless others from the neighborhood who forged lasting friendships here.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5